Do get in touch with me if you would like to discuss any of my lectures, or ask
about other subjects. I am based in Central London, and can be contacted via
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What other groups have thought about my lectures

Your lecture on Tuesday was fantastic! You really are one of the best lecturers
we have had.
- Edinburgh DFAS

Thank you for producing the superb lecture on The Artist as Reporter. We have
already received many enthusiastic comments and I am sure there will be many
- HorsleyDFAS

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful 'day in Venice' yesterday. I have had so
many people ringing me to say that it was one of the best study days ever!
- Wilton DFAS

Thank you so much for coming to lecture to the Surrey Art Fund yesterday
evening. It was a most interesting, eye-opening and informative talk which I think
we all really enjoyed.
- Surrey Art Fund

The depth and breadth you covered in one hour was most admirable and
comprehensive, as well as being delivered with animation and humour.
- North East Essex DFAS

Very well focused – beautifully delivered – splendid slides – delightfully clear.
- Stirling DFAS

You seem to strike the right balance between education and entertainment,
delivered in your inimitable style, which appeals to a wide audience.
- Bury St Edmunds DFAS

Thanks for a brilliant performance last night. So many people said how good it
was. We always manage to get good lecturers but you really are up there with
the best.
- Richmond Art Society

I heard one lady comment afterwards that she could have sat still for another
hour, so enchanted was she by your presentation. Your bubbling enthusiasm
for the subject really brought the lecture alive and those of us who have not yet
had the pleasure of visiting Venice will, I am sure, now be planning to see for
themselves the beautiful and varied architecture you described to us.
- Worcester DFAS